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About the Trust

The Legal Stuff

Registered name:
Bury St Edmunds Academy Trust

Company Number:

Place of Registration:

Registered office:
Beeton’s Way, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 6RF

Successful schools have an unrelenting focus on every child and their individual progress and attainment. Everything they do is focussed on enhancing the learning and teaching of their pupils. Without this child centric focus schools can not deliver the best education for their children. This child centric approach is also very important as children move through the various phases of their education. Successful transitions between schools are the result of very careful child centric planning and support.

Historically, schools have been encouraged by Local Authorities to join ‘horizontal groups’, i.e. collaborations between schools in the same phase. Primary schools collaborate with neighbouring primary schools, secondary schools work with other secondary schools. But this is a phase centric approach - schools working with children of the same age collaborate.

With a child centric focus it becomes clear that ‘vertical’, i.e. cross phase, collaborations are far more effective. The educational interests of the children are best served by schools working across the educational phases. So, each school works with both their feeder and successor schools.

Our All-Through approach implements just such a child-centric structure, because it is what we know is required to maximise educational excellence. We are very proud to have a growing number of schools working together in close cross-phase collaboration to provide an outstanding All-Through education for pupils aged 4 to 18 years.

We welcome parents wishing to visit our schools to discuss their children's futures. Click on the links above to access the individual schools' websites.

Legal structure

The Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. The charitable company's memorandum and articles of association are the primary governing documents of the Trust. The Funding Agreement sets out the basis on which the Department for Education funds the Trust. The Trust schools are working with other schools to build the Bury St Edmunds All-Through Trust.

The Board of Trustees are:

  • Steve Boor (Chair)3
  • Ian Cox, County Upper Chair of Governors1
  • Adam Wilkinson, Horringer Court Chair of Governors1
  • Vicky Neale, Lead Headteacher2
  • Chris Pamplin, Tollgate Chair of Governors (Vice Chair)1,3
  • Ellie White, Westley Chair of Governors1
  • Mike Wilcock3

1 The Chair of Governors of each Trust academy is an ex-officio Trustee of the Board.
2 The Lead Headteacher represents the headteachers of all the Trust academies.
3 Appointed by the Board.

As well as Trustees, there are Members, who are akin to the shareholders of a company. They have ultimate control over the Trust, with the ability to appoint some of the Trustees and the right to amend the Trust’s articles of association.

In the interests of transparency, we must publish here up-to-date details of our governance arrangements. You can find out about:

  • the structure and the full name of the chair,
  • for each trustee who has served at any point over the last audited year, their full names, date of appointment, date they stepped down (where applicable), and relevant business and pecuniary interests
  • attendance records at Trust Board meetings over the last audited year.

in our Governance Transparency Information document.