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Welcome to Howard School. This is a county comprehensive co-educational day school which caters for students of the 9-13 age range. It is a purpose built middle school and we are extremely proud of its excellent facilities which include well equipped design technology and art rooms as well as two purpose-built science labs. We also have a huge sports barn and extensive fields attached to the school.
Our website aims to give you a flavour of what we as a school try to achieve in terms of curriculum as well as the organisational procedures you need to be aware of if your child is going to join our school. We have a well-developed curriculum and work hard to ensure new innovations are successfully integrated.
You will find that the school has a very caring ethos. All pupils, regardless of ability are well supported and guided to ensure they make the most of their curricular and other opportunities.



Liberté, égalité, fraternitéLiberté, égalité, fraternité

Liberté, égalité, fraternité - French national motto meaning Liberty, equality, fraternity

A Lego creation made by pupils during a wet lunch. Thinking of and supporting Paris.

Parent Circle Meeting MinutesParent Circle Meeting Minutes

Thursday 12th October 2015 5pm

Present: B Blease, Mrs Chappell ( Laurence), Mrs Frost (Logan), Mrs Johnston ( Isabelle), Mrs Harker (Alex and Callum), Mrs Lynch (Sami)

Business arising:

  • Mrs Frost asked about communication between HMS and schools outside the academy regarding curriculum coverage (pupils missing what other schools teach and redoing content again


It was explained that HMS has begun dialogue with KEGS, although not about this in particular. The issue of doubling up of curriculum coverage is a nationwide issue with the advent of schools/ academies being able to follow their own route.

It was also pointed out that even with the old curriculum there was no prescriptive part of the year when content is covered e.g. we have had pupils from Westley/ Horringer come to our school and have had to repeat ‘Private Peaceful.

It was also pointed out that no matter what content is covered, it is the skills that are primarily being learnt, and this will happen no matter what the content of the curriculum.

  • Some discussion regarding dates for pupils to find out their schools for next year, and dates to apply for Academy middle schools. Parents concerned that those who have asked for KEGS because they had to put something, but are waiting to apply for a middle school may block someone who actually wants to go to KEGS.

Dates for offer of Upper School confirmed (1st March) and Middle Schools ( Easter ).  It was agreed that this situation is out of our hands, and individual cases would have to be looked at as they arise.  Pointed out that the school has a history of helping pupils who missed their choice of school through no fault of theIr own e.g. EAL family with limited understanding. This, of course, will happen this year in particular.

  • Personal Tutoring - Mrs Johnston raised the issue that her child had not yet had a personal tutor meeting. Another parent said the same.

I said that I would remind the designated Personal Tutors that meetings should have been held before half term.  This especially applies to staff who are new who may not be clear about the procedure.

  • Open Book Day - Mrs Johnston requested that for the upcoming Open - Book days that the time be extended as last year it was felt that there was not enough time.

I said I would bring this up with SLT for discussion. I did point out that this is much earlier in the year so there is not nearly so much work to go through. In answer to Mrs Frost’s point that it took a lot of time to fill in questionnaire that was given out at the same time, said we would make it clear this time if something like this is used that it can be completed at a later date and then handed in.

Meeting closed at 6.16 pm

Armistice DayArmistice Day

Howard staff and pupils fell silent at 11am on Wednesday to mark Armistice Day and remember those who fought and died for Britain.